Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you bake cookies on the Pyramid Pan?

A: No, cookies will not lay across the points and will melt into the valleys.

Q: My food isn't crisping as it should?

A: Cook foods for a bit longer. Or spray both sides with a cooking oil spray.

Q: Why is there a little smoke coming from the oven?

A: Perhaps grease or oil has dripped onto the hot metal baking pan that is under the Pyramid Pan. Or there could be some residue on the pan. You will notice that smoke will stop after the first few uses. Oven temperatures may vary and possibly your oven is hotter than the temperature setting shows. We recommend that you keep the temperature at 428F or below.

Q: What is the best way to wash it?

A: Place flat in the top rack of the dishwasher or hand wash.

Q: Can you cook large pieces of meat or poultry on the Pyramid Pan?

A: It is not intended for large pieces of meat or poultry.

Q: Can Pyramid Pan be used on stovetop?

A: No Pyramid Pan is for use in an oven and only when supported by a cookie sheet or other oven safe structure that can support it.

Q: What if the Pyramid Pan does not fit the pans that I have?

A: The Pyramid Pan can be cut to size to fit any pan, by using a pair of household scissors or utility knife.